Step by Step Counseling Center specializes in the following Services:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Court-Ordered Counseling
  • Couples/Marital Counseling
  • Formal Psychological Testing
  • Medication Referrals to Psychiatrists we work with
  • Career Counseling
  • Hardship Report for Immigration Hearings
  • ADHD Evaluations for children & adults
  • Play Therapy for children ages 3 +
  • Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Anger Management Counseling
  • Chronic Pain Mgmt. Counseling for persons that have been injured at work and have not been able to return to same job even after medical intervention
  • Court Representation for families experiencing custody issues/legal issues.


Support Groups for the following:

  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief and Loss


 Family Matters:

  • Parent Facilitation
  • Cooperative Parenting
  • Parent Training
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Court Related Evaluations
  • Custody Evaluations
  • Social Studies
  • Family Counseling
  • Individual Therapy


Forensic Services:

  • Anger Management
  • Personal Injury Matters
  • Expert Witness Testimony


Court Related Services:

Tammy L. Botello, MS, LPC-S has been working with attorneys and judges in various courts for 12 years now and has testified in many family cases. Her main concern is to determine what is in the best interest of the child, not what may make each parent comfortable. She provides the following services:

  • She has served as an expert witness in several court cases and has had a significant impact on the positive outcome of cases.
  • Clinical/Professional Recommendations for the court to determine custody of the child.
  • Court ordered counseling for custody disputes
  • Court ordered family counseling for mediation purposes for court use.


Workman’s Compensation Assessments to include:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Psych Social Assessments for Work Hardening Chronic Pain Mgmt.
  • Evaluations Pre-Surgical
  • Mental Health Evaluations
  • Chronic Pain Mgmt. Group Therapy


Immigration-Related Psychotherapy Services:

Only completed by Tammy L. Botello, MS, LPC-S

  • Political Asylum
  • Refugee Status
  • Cognitive Evaluations for N-648 applications
  • Mental Health Consequences of family separation
  • Mental Health effects of Spousal/Partner Abuse
  • Provide Expert Witness Testimony in Federal Courts
  • Cultural Competency Assessment

The initial assessment will be done and a report will be generated to include in the “Waiver Process” that Immigration requires.

In jeopardy of deportation?   Immigration Hardship Evaluations

Our office is proud to announce that we are now offering Professional Psychological Evaluations by Licensed Psychotherapists for persons and/or family members that are in jeopardy of deportation.

  • A complete typed report will be done for person/family member that has someone in jeopardy of being deported to another country.
  • Our report has been a PROVEN component in helping strengthen the client’s Immigration case for showing reasons WHY the person should be allowed to remain in the US.

How to make referrals to our office for Immigration Evaluations?

You can call our office directly at 210-736-0106

Fax a “Referral Form” to our office 210-736-2609

Have client contact us to set up appointment.

We will be glad to answer any questions your office may have on these reports or services.

Payment for Services:

Step by Step Counseling Center committed to providing services to everyone regardless of financial position. Therefore, we have provided a variety of different options for payment that will allow anyone who desires counseling services to receive these services.

Out of Pocket:
For those of you who do not qualify for the financial options available or choose not to access them, may choose to pay for sessions out of your won pocket. All out of pocketpayments are due at the time of service. Our office manager can give you costs per session of our counselors upon request.

If you do no show up for your appointment ad you have not notified us at least 48 hours in advance, you will be required to pay the therapy fee prior to the next session.



Many insurance carriers do reimburse for mental health services, including psychological assessments. Check with your insurance company to see if reimbursement is an option. Keep in mind that your medical insurance represents a contract between you and the carrier, not between the carrier and us. If your insurance fails to pay, then you remain responsible for all fees. In many circumstances, our office will bill the insurance company directly for you. Please remember that this, in no way, removes your obligation to pay any fees, or portion of fees not paid by your insurance carrier. All co-payments and deductibles must be paid at the time of service and will be determined based on your individual insurance policy.

Medicaid, CHIP, and most health insurance plans cover the cost of these services, however, coverage and limits vary by individual policy. Tricare patients require a referral from their PCM and approved through referral management for non-network provider services.

Our office staff will work closely with you to review our policy and to identify any services that will not be covered by your insurance company. Payment arrangements which fit your budget can then be established before any professional services can be rendered.

If you do no show up for your appointment ad you have not notified us at least 48 hours in advance, you will be required to pay the therapy fee prior to the next session.


Insurance Providers We Are In Network With:

    • Community First
    • Aetna
    • Aetna TX Medicaid & CHIP
    • Amerigroup Community Care
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
    • Group and Pension Administrators
    • Value Options – Commercial
    • Health Spring
    • Humana Claims
    • Interface EAP (IEAP)
    • Meritain Health Minneapolis
    • Molina Health Care of Texas
    • Optum Health United Healthcare
    • Superior Health Plan Texas
    • Texas Medicaid
    • The Alliance
    • Tricare South Region
    • UMR
    • United Health Care


Out of Network Insurance

If your insurance carrier is not listed on our current list of In-Network Insurance Carriers, we can still offer you services and help you with billing your insurance carrier as an Out-of-Network Provider. There is always a way to follow Out-of-Network protocol with your provider and we can help. Please note, in most cases, you will be responsible for paying all fees associated with the service upfront and then we will provide you with the documentation needed to be reimbursed by your insurance carrier.



We are NOT a Medicare Certified service provider.



The Employee Assistance Program is billed directly to your EAP provider at no cost to you. Using EAP requires you to obtain prior authorization from your EAP provider before counseling can be approved. Not all of our counselors provide this service., so please check with our Office Manager to get a list of our counselors that do.

EAP providers that we accept are as follows:


We are an Optum credentialed service provider. All clients who currently have Optum Health Insurance can receive mental health services through our center. Please provide us with your Optum Authorization information at your initial appointment.